We all want to know who we’re dealing with when we’re buying. Your customers are no exception. A great brand tells the world not just what you’re saying, but how you say it. From established enterprises to hungry new startups, we’ll help you build a brand that converts your audience into happy and loyal customers.

Branding services

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Messaging and story
  • Customer insight
  • Competitor research

A brand that helps you grow your business

Branding is more than appearances. It’s about how it makes your customers and prospects feel. Does your brand help or hinder people in validating you? Does it build affinity with the people you sell to?

We have spent our careers firstly asking the right questions. We then develop the strategic and creative responses to quickly get your brand back on track.

You could be looking for a ’fresh out of the blocks’ new identity. Or maybe to modernise an existing brand identity that has taken you to where you are now but no longer quite fits your audience any longer.

By supporting you with a wider strategy, tone-of-voice and content creation, we support established brands to restore their audience relevancy and sense of purpose.

Fablr case studies - i-Pharm Consulting - Consultant Toolkit

Taking the stress out of a brand project

The thought of a branding project and the stakeholder management that goes with it can be daunting. We’re here to make it go as smoothly as possible and we have a highly experienced creative and project management team to guide you throughout your brand project.

From engaging with your wider stakeholders to helping you to plan and execute a brand rollout and employee onboarding process, the senior Fablr team will help make sure we’re all going in the right direction to meet your business objectives.

Our wider support and creative direction gets you the quality assurance and consistency you need across your assets and branded collateral. Whether we are managing a full copywriting process, video production or photography shoots, every content producer will be immersed in what makes your brand tick.

Advice Cloud website by Fablr - various layouts

Building your brand for the future

You need a brand that is going to stand the test of time. Brands also need to live and breathe. It should support your in-house team for your day-to-day sales and marketing tasks and give plenty of head-room for your brand to grow and develop over time.

Whether you have an in-house design team already or need our ongoing support, we want to make sure you’re empowered to create. Many of our clients need templates across slide decks, business cards, social media posts and beyond. No problem. We’re experienced template developers across a range of file formats and platforms, such as Adobe InDesign, Microsoft PowerPoint and Canva.

We can help you develop a library of editable reusable presentation assets including:

  • Credentials and capability decks
  • Proposals templates
  • Investor decks
  • Training decks

Our client projects

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Your audience and commercial landscape

Nothing stands still. As your business or organisation evolves, matures or changes its service offering, you can find that your brand is no longer the perfect fit for your audience.

So has your market moved on, and if so, how do you then reposition to stay relevant? What are their pain points? Their buying triggers? Even their complaints? Is your tone and language credible?

Aligning the wants and needs of your audiences with your commercial objectives is always at the heart of any brand project. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from market research, strategy development, stakeholder engagement through to design and production.

Fablr case studies - Ernest Hunter Green

Budgets and timelines

As an agency we believe in being open and honest with everything. Budgets for our branding work typically ranges from £5-15K. If your business has more complex requirements, such as sub-brand considerations or more extensive customer surveys and research, then this range can increase to £15-30K.

Most branding projects take between 2-6 months, which around a third of this time allocated for you to gather feedback internally and to go through different rounds of collaborative revisions and amends with us. Smaller brands will naturally be completed more quickly, and larger projects with more moving parts may take longer.

If you’d like to get an estimated budget and timeline range for your project, book in a quick call and we can let you know straight away.

Fablr case study - Birmingham Adult Education Service ESOL Hub - Mobile UI

"Fablr have shown that the experience of the website users has always been at the heart of the work. We know that the website will make a big difference to the citizens of Birmingham."

Pauline Desch
- Head of Faculty, ESOL and Languages - BAES

Discuss your project

Book your call with us and we’ll then get back to you right away with an indication of a price and a timeline so you can decide whether we’d be a good fit to submit a formal proposal to you.