Mobile application development

Mobile development needn’t be an exorbitant expense. Here at Fablr we specialise in developing high-quality Flutter mobile applications in an efficient and effective fashion.

Development services

  • Flutter app development
  • Rapid prototyped MVPs
  • Native when needed
  • Tested and testable
  • Built with a user-first approach
  • Project scoping, architecture and analysis

Users come first

User interface is king when it comes to mobile application development. If you cannot build an app that looks beautiful, feels intuitive and caters to as many users as it can (no matter what their accessibility needs) then you may as well not be building an app at all.

We test the app even before it’s built. That may sound strange, but it’s an important part of the process. We reach out to your potential users and ask them who they are and what they need. 

We build interactive prototypes and run workshops with user cohorts. We engage with your business and ensure we understand exactly what you need.

All of our apps are built with accessibility in mind – tested on screen readers and developed to be as user friendly as they can be. Our apps are international – built to be translatable into as many languages as you need.

Comms is king

Most mobile app development projects fall short of expectations because of bad communication. Whether it’s the vendors not communicating with the client or the development team not talking to the UX team, the end product will always suffer in the end.

Here at Fablr we put good communication at the heart of what we do. Transparency in every aspect of the project and a set of project management tools that allow our clients to see progress at every step along the way.

Fablr app development

We ❤️ Flutter

The Flutter framework was developed by Google and is championed by developers all over the world. It allows people to build high-quality mobile applications quickly and cost effectively and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular development frameworks in the world

Fablr have been Flutter converts since its release and we love making high-quality, beautiful apps with it. We have a dedicated team of inhouse Flutter specialists who can make your vision a reality. 

Fablr Mobile App development - coding
Fable Mobile App Development - inLink

"Fablr have played a key role in building Stroll. Their approach of immersing themselves in the project meant they felt like an embedded part of our team rather than an external agency. We'd have no hesitation in recommending them."

Paul Collins
- Director, Stroll Ltd

If you have got a project in mind or just want to chat through the possibilities just get in touch for a no-obligation chat over a cup of coffee - or tea, or…whatever you prefer really!