Development should be transformational. It should open doors to new customers and revenue streams. It should drive operational efficiencies and future-proof your digital infrastructure.

Development services

  • Specialists in open-source web development and frameworks
  • Bespoke platform development
  • Web portals and APIs
  • Mobile application development
  • Progressive web applications
  • Project scoping, architecture and analysis

Serious development for people who to want to secure their digital future

Here at Fablr we know that success is contingent upon building scalable platforms that can match your pace of change and scale with your needs. Every member of our development team is an expert in their chosen technologies and champions best practices and the latest coding standards.

When we build something we build it to stand the test of time and this no-nonsense approach to development is why clients come back to us again and again, confident that we can deliver solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

Fablr development technologies - Server: Symfony, PHP, Laravel, Nodejs, Elasticsearch Web: Wordpress, Javascript, Typescript, React, Shopify Mobile: Cordova, Ionic, React Native, Flutter

Quality code hand-crafted to meet your organisational goals

Good development is a lot more than just writing good code or using the “best” programming languages. It’s about preparation and clarity. It’s about understanding your requirements and validating that understanding before we even write a line of code.

The first thing we do at the start of any project is to sit down and workshop our approach with your team of stakeholders. We ask the difficult questions about requirements, UX, and scope, and together we find the answers that work best for your users and your organisation. We make sure that all of the stakeholders understand and agree on what your operational goals are and how best to achieve them.

Fablr app development

Challenging assumptions

Following this we produce specifications and wireframes to confirm any gap between assumption and reality. We create interactive design prototypes and sit down with a group of your potential users to test these before we ever get to the point of making them into an application.

We make sure we know exactly what you need to achieve your goals and then our team of expert developers use the best coding standards, future proofed frameworks, and open source libraries to deliver your project.

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Taking the time to understand your (evolving) requirements

While it’s hard to overstate the value of understanding the requirements of a project before development commences, it’s also important to be aware that requirements often change throughout the lifespan of a project. Our development teams have processes and systems in place to adapt to these sorts of changes on the fly and our approach is agile and meticulous.

Fablr Mobile App development - coding
Fable Mobile App Development - inLink

"Every step in our process is designed to streamline your projects - by consulting with you at every stage on the real business value of functionality to the end user."

Philip Bennison
- Technical Director

The future comes integrated

Businesses these days leverage a multitude of digital platforms to really get the most out of the benefits afforded by these sort of automation and process-driven systems. Whether it’s payment portals, accounts, CRMs, mailing lists, or any number of other APIs, an integrated approach is a must for any modern online organisation.

Everywhere you look businesses have been revolutionised by cloud-based enterprise software designed for every possible operational niche, from warehouse logistics to accountancy.

Fablr can integrate with leading cloud based payments, crm, cms, sales accounts, events and bookings platforms
Fablr Development Services - Platform Integration
Fablr Development Services - InLink Platform Integration

Transformational value

Where the real transformational value lies is in leveraging the automation opportunity offered by CRMs, ERPs and marketing suites to integrate with your customer facing websites and apps, and this is where Fablr excels.

We have practical experience integrating with all sorts of APIs and 3rd party systems and a real passion for creating systems that can bring all of these together to create something elegant and efficient, and something that will revolutionise your organisation.

For the inLink wholesaler portal and customer app Fablr developed a central API which also interfaced seamlessly with wholesaler account system integrations with Xero and Sage.

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