Ernest Hunter Green

Re-imagining what an executive search recruitment agency could be for its clients and employees

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In a few words

As headhunters who operate in senior talent acquisition across professional services, Ernest Hunter Green are used to selling sophisticated propositions to c-suite leaders and major businesses alike. Where they were less self-assured was in selling their own Ernest Hunter Green story.

The founders of Ernest Hunter Green already had a clear idea of what set their business apart among their peers, but translating this into a brand identity capable of expressing that difference was a harder proposition so they asked Fablr to help revitalise their brand. 

Key challenges

A cursory look across some of the major recruitment firms working in the professional services sector reveals a lot of hard edged and corporate-looking players. It’s a well trodden path, but one that didn’t represent Ernest Hunter Green’s founders or their philosophy in any respect at all.

So what sets them apart? Well they were formed from a group of recruitment veterans who set out to re-imagine how executive recruitment can work better for both consultants and clients alike. A progressive, warm and approachable team, they committed to WHF and flexible ways of working many years before the 2020 global pandemic.

We needed to position them as definitely not the hard edged corporate head hunters, but rather people who enable clients to grow, prosper and build businesses that people want to work for.


We kept coming back to the essence of the business contained in their name – Ernest. Hunter. Green. It contains all the key qualities the brand needs to convey – those of trust, bravery and growth.

Fablr undertook an extensive modernisation of their visual identity with a set of recurring shapes or forms, each relating an aspect of their character.

To help the brand communicate a more human touch, we developed an illustrative style within the visual framework that included hand drawn typographic annotations and highlighting.

Fablr redesigned and developed the Ernest Hunter Green website in its entirety. As part of the technical delivery we implemented a Seven20 CRM integration with the site to allow Ernest Hunter Green to post jobs directly to the website without any additional effort.

Fablr’s working partnership with Ernest Hunter Green continues on a marketing basis since refreshing their brand and website last year.

The strategy for them is to focus on creating content that can drive high-quality leads through LinkedIn. These content marketing campaigns have been created to engage both industry specific niches, as well as employer brand campaigns focused on attracting new consultants to join the Ernest Hunter Green team.

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