Product innovation

Taking an idea from inception to reception and on toward successful funding rounds can feel like a little daunting - even for a seasoned entrepreneur. But, with the right design and development agency, product innovation needn’t be an overwhelming task.

Product innovation services

  • Minimum viable products (MVPs) that are really viable
  • Single page applications (SPA)
  • Progressive web apps (PWA)
  • Hybrid and native mobile apps
  • User acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Whitelabelled product development and delivery

Mobile app prototyping done the right way

Mobile app development can mean everything from quick and dirty no-code development all the way through to expensive native app development.

No-code mobile app development isn’t fit for purpose and often results in a product that misses the mark in terms of brand and UI. Native app development usually requires a dedicated team as well as a large investment to get to market.

Beautifully crafted, well designed, and easy to use apps needn’t cost you a fortune. Here at Fablr we specialise in building good quality, well-built hybrid mobile apps without prohibitive costs or timescales.

Fablr product innovation - MVP development
Fablr product innovation - mobile app prototyping
Fablr product innovation - mobile app prototyping on the whiteboard

"The whole purpose is to prove the feasibility of a business idea without investing in an expensive product."

Philip Bennison
- Fablr Technical Director

MVPs with the emphasis on "viability"

We understand that the purpose of a Minimal Viable Product is to prove the feasibility of a business idea without having to invest in an expensive product. We also know the importance of making sure that your MVPs don’t sacrifice viability for the sake of minimality.

Our team uses development frameworks and off-the-shelf libraries to prototype apps quickly and cost-effectively, and in a way that strikes the perfect balance between design, functionality and budget.

Fablr product innovation - mobile wireframes
Fable Mobile App Development - inLink

"Fablr's approach of immersing themselves in the project meant they felt like an embedded part of our team rather than an external agency. We'd have no hesitation in recommending them. "

Paul Collins
- Director, Stroll Ltd

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