Ye Olde Oak campaign 2021

Hitting the brief strategically with a huge serving of some eye-popping creative.

  • Digital marketing
  • Strategy

In a few words

In 2021, heritage supermarket hot dog brand Ye Olde Oak needed a creative campaign to speak to consumers about the things that make the product a household favourite since 1949. Convenience, taste and versatility.


And why was this more important than ever? Customers had stockpiled the product at the start of the pandemic, so the opportunity now was to get them reaching into their kitchen cupboards and giving them inspiration for ways to solve those family mealtime dilemmas. 

Fablr was responsible for creative direction and digital marketing strategy as well as execution of the paid ad-campaign. As well as commissioning creative photography, we also briefed and commissioned two creative video campaigns, partnering with Jist Studios and Mighty Hero to drive brand affinity and awareness amongst our key audiences.

Solving everyone's family mealtimes

The campaign was delivered primarily through social channel advertising throughout 2021, as well as an experiential marketing roadshow in September 2021.

Ye Olde Oak is inclusive and infinitely versatile. We wanted to make the content in 2021 100% relatable and show the wide range of families and ages who enjoy the product. Jist’s multi-story ‘Pantry Miracles’ creative video concept was the perfect expression of marrying the creative with the strategic marketing objective. In 5 stories, we showed how Ye Olde Oak transforms mealtimes almost straight from the cupboard for busy, time-poor consumers. It was all delivered in a quick-fire fun, bright and hugely relatable way.


The campaign reached 18 million impressions and increased engagement  by over 400% on the previous year. Video advertising was also very effective with over a 200% uplift in video views of 3 seconds on the previous year to 3.2 million views.

Another objective at the outset of the campaign was to shift the average age demographic of customers who regularly engage with the brand towards younger mums and working families, and broaden the appeal of the brand among younger audiences.  This was achieved through diversifying our social channel choices and importantly more targeted content, such as the Mum’s Memes series, which piggybacked on the popularity of young mothers’ sharing parenting memes on social media.

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