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Helping a recruiter with a unique proposition find a perfect expression of who they are as a brand.

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In a few words

Impel are innovators in their space. As well as being veteran supply chain recruiters, Impel also offers a business model where individuals and client business employees are offered structured leadership business coaching.

When Impel came to us, their vision was exciting, but let down by their brand. So we knew the brand development process would need to be transformative.


Our approach was to position them as a consultancy in the true sense of that word – one with a holistic approach that values long term partnerships and sustained performance gains for businesses and individuals. We started with everything that is implied by the word ‘impel’. The visual framework we began to develop was inspired by themes of forward motion, kinetics and the forces of change.

Impel were keen to retain their logo with its three arrows as well as their primary blue identifying colour, but everything else needed to be created from the ground up through the ideation process.

We expanded Impel’s colour palette to offer a greater range of tonal expression, and then developed a range of graphic elements to visually convey many of Impel’s business concepts in a really striking and memorable way through the design of bespoke stylised patterns all based around an abstractions of arrow shapes. 

Ideas such as the flow of human capital, leadership and influence, progression and growth were all visualised through our visual identity work.

We were really excited by how we might visualise Impel’s Attract. Engage. Develop methodology. When it came to the website we were able to go one step further and turn the patterns into animations.


Impel’s new website would be a place for potential customers and candidates to validate them and allow them to establish credentials as experts in their field. But it would also be a lot more than that.

Their vision was to create a platform which would allow organisations and individuals to easily book group or one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as allowing them to purchase training packages and course materials directly from the website. 

In addition, it would have an exclusive members area for their clients with a treasure trove of value-added training materials, references and other collateral.

Fablr’s UX team worked with Impel to architect the solution, which needed to consider the different needs and user journeys of candidates, private individuals as well as corporate clients.

With Fablr’s creative vision, the redesigned Impel Talent website is a striking destination for clients, fitting perfectly with their methodology driven performance ethos.

Impel Talent were recently finalists in the UK StartUp Awards 2022.

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